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Since 1989, we have been a reliable electronic components manufacturer and have produced a variety of components used on printed circuit boards, including inductors, resistors, electric transformers, and more. Our products have found wide application in home appliances, computers, televisions, industrial instruments, and automotive electronics. Listed below are some of our main electronic products, click the pictures to learn more.


Inductors are essential parts for electronics, by choosing different wire diameter, length, inductive coil diameter and metal material, different specifications and functions of inductors can be manufactured. Southern Group offers the customization service for inductors to meet the matching requirements of different products.

Electronic Transformer

Electronic transformer has not only the basic functions of voltage transformation, electric isolation and energy transfer as the traditional transformers, but also the additional functions of electricity quality adjustment, the control of system current, wattless power compensation, etc.


As the most common electronic element, resistor is essential for each electrical circuit. Resistors are available in shapes and sizes, classified as standard static resistor and special variable resistor.

Common Mode Choke

Southern Group supplied common mode choke adopts ferrite core to efficiently suppress common mode noise signals and electromagnetic interference.

Current Fuse and Fusible Resistor

Current fuse or fusible resistor is the simplest electrical circuit safety device, a one-off element connected in the circuit to provide overcurrent protection.

Current fuses and fusible resistors that Southern Group have produced are shown below. If you are looking for such products, then you can purchase directly or contact us for customization.

Diode is a two-electrode electronic component that allows an electrical current to pass in one direction, featuring rectification function.

The following displayed is some of our diodes. You can choose directly or contact us for customization.

We have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing passive electronic components. With a complete line of manufacturing equipment, we have an impressive output capability of 200 million resistors and inductors per year, and this capability can meet bulk purchasing demands. We can also provide custom designed electronic components according to your demands.